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Intense Small Fireworks Display (With Set Up)

nsaia1 · 146,688 views
Just a quick 3 min display! All the 10 shot mortar racks were homemade! The roman candle rack was also homemade. The Roman candle were just magical 10 shot candles at the beginning. I quick fused the mortars so they would faire at a rapid pace! The cakes were all glued to a board, Which is how I make my cake finale boards (check out my channel for those videos!). One mortar rack was a poor mans rack-- in a since the mortars were all from Lock and Load (Barely Legal) shell kits. Let me know what you guys think!

Fireworks are from white ass, Winda, FOA Showtime.

Dirty Dancing in the Sky
Whack Job
Salute roman candles
Bullet bombs
Killer Cakes
Bull Ride

finale was 8 fast fused salute candles.(40 salutes)= Decent finale!

I fused this show with the same technique I used for my One Fuse Firework Show.

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