Menna Aluthma Eka... Pissu Hadenawa

Crazy Wakeboarding and Hot Girls = FUN at the Lake!!

Tyson J Henderson · 152,662 views
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This video was shot by Tyson Henderson
Edited by Tyson Henderson
Shot at Utah Lake.

The wakeboarder is Zac Eddington.
The surfers are Amberlie Holley, Zac Eddington, JJ Pacheco, and Tyson Henderson

The song used I bought from premium beats. To download this song go to
The artist of the song is Joe Sacco and the title is "Eagle Eye"

This was shot on my Canon 7D. I shot it in 1920x1080 24fps and 1280x720 60fps. Then I conformed my 60fps to 23.976 in Cinema Tools to make it slow motion.

As for lenses I used the canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM, and the canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM.
Check out Canons 7D and lenses here

As far as how I made the camera look like it was flying in some parts I used the Glidecam HD-4000. Check them out here

Their were a few shots I used a GoPro. No doubt theses are amazing! Check them out here

The most fun of this shoot was getting the shots where Zac is almost jumping over me. We got out a tube, put me in it, and thats where I filmed. It was a little sketchy although I had a cheap waterproof casing I had my camera while I was out there. So at least my camera was a little protected.

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