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Fences - Analyzing Staging in Act 1, Scene 3 - "How come you ain't never liked me?"

StagingShakespeare · 431,909 views
A Note on Fair Use: These juxtaposed scenes create a new work of art that is stimulating and enriching for the general public. It is for nonprofit educational purposes. It allows viewers to contemplate the infinite possibilities for staging Wilson's written language by exploring some possibilities of what that language sounds like and looks like on stage/screen. The conversations this new work of art allows cannot happen without it; the whole of this new work elicits an academic conversation that is otherwise impossible as it allows us to explore Wilson's words. The difference between the brevity of individual clips used compared to the length of that work as a whole is so substantial that the potential market for the original commercial product is not diminished; on the other hand, this new work of art opens up the market to new customers that may have otherwise not known of the original film/play. Thus, this new work of art is protected under both Fair Use, initially indicated as "comment, teaching, scholarship, and research" under Title 17, Section 107, but substantiated by the points above.