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Ilukpitiya Mudiyanselage Vijaya Nandasiri was a Sri Lankan dramatist and actor. Considered a leading dramatist in Sri Lankan cinema, he was also a singer and producer

Nandasiri's early television credits include Perera's Gamana and Pramada Wedei. He was later a producer of the teledrama Humalaya. He won the Award for the Best Comedian for his role in Sikka.

He became famous as a comedy actor with the character of "Gunadasa Premachandra" in the teledrama "Nonawaruni Mahathwaruni" and later through Yes Boss as "Senarath Dunusinghe".[5] He was also acted in numerous teledramas like Ethuma, Methuma, Kawda Bole Ethuma 1, Kathura, Yes Madam, Class Sinhala Class as "Chaminda Sir", Satakapata, Hathare Kanuwa, Bhagya.[16] He also hosted children's quiz program Punchi Pahe Man which was telecasted on Sirasa TV.

Personal life[edit]
Nandasiri's wife is actress Devika Mihirani,[17] who herself holds the record to be the main actress in Sri Lanka's first ever tele-drama, Dimuthu Muthu.[18][19] Their first encounter was at Sudarshi Visual Arts Center, where Mihirani studied for dancing. Nandasiri was the one who invited Mihirani for the drama Subha Saha Yasa in 1974.[20] They have two children, Navanjana and Rasanjana Suchitra.[5] His daughter lives in Australia and son in America.[21] Navanjana was born on 13 November 1989.[22] Navanjana is married to businessman Chaminda Gunaratne and they married on 28 December 2012 in Hilton Hotel, Colombo.[23]

His son Rasanjana started to continue his father's legacy by making mark in stage dramas, where his father previously acted.[24]

Illness and Death[edit]
Nandasiri was suffering from Diabetes over a long period of time, suffered by a wound on his leg. Due to severe infection, the leg was amputated and from that point, he was using an artificial leg.[11]

On 8 August 2016, Nandasiri died while being taken to the Kalubowila Teaching Hospital after suffering from a cardiac arrest.